Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer 2.03 released

Version 2.03 of the Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer is now available for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android).

This version has been updated to Vulkan Headers 1.1.129, adding support for new extensions introduced with this header:

  • VK_KHR_performance_query
  • VK_KHR_separate_depth_stencil_layouts
  • VK_KHR_buffer_device_address

Aside from new support for these new extensions, this release also includes some small bugfixes related to surface extensions and adds a mapping for VK_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU. This is of interest for those that are using software Vulkan implementations like Swiftshader or gfxportability. Up until recently both of these didn’t work with the Caps Viewer at all due to a few missing functions. So I decided to do some contributions on both projects and added the required functions to get them up and working. With those changes you can inspect these implementations with the Caps Viewer and also submit reports for them.

You can download the new version from here.